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Real Estate As A Global Industry

The state of the global economy, in a state of constant flux, can nevertheless be a harbinger of change in the real estate industry. For five consecutive years, the industry had enjoyed good returns, a trend that experts worry will not be sustainable in the future. Add that to Britain’s departure from the EU, weakening global currency,…
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Technology in Real Estate

Since the 1990s, it's been absolutely inevitable that technology, specifically the internet and other wireless networks, would change reality as we knew it. From communication to commerce to transportation, the world we live in today would be barely recognizable by someone who time-traveled to 2017 from 1987. Of course, the real estate industry wasn't immune…
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The Problem With Sustainability in Real Estate

When it comes to the fight for a sustainable future, commercial real estate is front and center. Commercial real estate accounts for 40% carbon dioxide emissions and 88% of potable water consumption, according to a 2015 report by the US Department of Energy. It’s readily apparent that, for a sustainable future to work, real estate…
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Demographics in Modern Real Estate

In the real estate industry, collecting and analyzing demographic information can do a lot of good in determining trends on macro and micro levels. Recent years have demonstrated that one of the most important demographic shifts is generational, as more Baby Boomers exit the workforce and more Millennials enter it. This change, which has seen…
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