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A brief introduction to Eros Adragna

Eros Adragna is a senior-level executive whose creative, perceptive approach to complex residential and commercial construction mirrors that of every venture he has spearheaded over the past 15+ years. An entrepreneurial and results-oriented professional, Eros believes that true innovation cannot thrive without a strong foundation-- and he has demonstrated a comprehensive capability to execute projects in real estate development, construction management, finance, marketing and sales, and design.

Eros Adragna
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After attending Fashion Institute of Technology, Eros Adragna began his career in marketing and sales. In 1995 he joined Family Golf Centers in Farmingdale, New York as Assistant Marketing Manager, serving in a project management role in corporate branding and facility promotions. Two years later Eros established a foothold in the burgeoning interactive media industry by founding Two Pixel, LLC. The startup offered visual communication services to powerhouse clients such as Penthouse, Coalco, Virgin Records, The Corcoran Group, Forkosh Construction, and Duggal Visual Solutions -- some of which Eros would go on to work for directly in marketing capacities.

In 1998 Eros was hired to lead a new Interactive Media division for Duggal Visual Solutions, developing strategies that allowed their diverse clientele (including Disney, Tommy Hilfiger, Campari, Miramax, and Vornado) to maximize the potential of the emerging technology. However, the use of interactive media within b2b and client acquisitions was still markedly limited at the time, and Eros sought to transition into the booming real estate sector, where he could use his forward-thinking knowledge of marketing and technology to drive wholly new enterprises.

Eros Adragna joined the Corcoran Group as an Associate Broker/Marketing Consultant in 2000. He was selected to execute the sale and rental of multi-million dollar residences, as well as oversee the concept design, development, and deployment of marketing materials to promote properties for landlord and developers. Eros quickly proved his acumen within the real estate space during his tenure at the Corcoran Group, earning his spot in the Million-Dollar Club and marketing luxury downtown developments in excess of $300MM sell out. In 2002 Eros transitioned to the development side of real estate, where he has succeeded ever since.

As the founding partner at Delshah Capital, Eros directed the development and consistent execution of all real estate product marketing and company branding to meet sales/rental initiatives. Total synergy among all involved parties was of paramount importance, and Eros constantly worked to build and maintain effective relationships between all hired creative and construction teams, as well as investors and financial partners. From energy-efficient NYSERDA programs to UAE embassy condo conversion and marketing initiatives in Washington, DC, Eros was able to grow a portfolio that today is in excess of $300 million, while using his financial prowess to remain well within the budgeting constraints he himself developed annually.

Eros’ next position was Director of Marketing & Sales at Titan Realty & Construction, the company behind such iconic spaces as the Tesla Showroom in Red Hook and the LivWork projects throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan. Although initially hired solely in a marketing and sales capacity for Titan and ABCON Builders, Eros Adragna became very proficient in planning, executing, and managing special projects. One of his most significant accomplishments embodies his ability to succeed through all phases of the project lifecycle: the relationship which he fostered between Titan and Avalon Bay Communities and the Hyatt Hotels.

After implementing creative marketing strategies that secured Avalon Bay Communities as a Titan client, Eros began to plan and execute thousands of their residential unit renovations for ADA and FHA compliance projects and common area remerchandising. At this time Titan promoted Eros to the Director of Special Projects. As he oversaw numerous extensive replacement projects with tenant in occupancy retrofits on a daily basis, Eros observed a serious need to streamline and standardize the documentation process. Utilizing the technical acuity he had begun to cultivate a decade earlier, Eros developed and programmed the TRC Client Resource Management Portal, in which his project managers and superintendents documented each and every unit’s conditions and retrofit(s) to generate vital project data for Avalon and the Department Of Justice for critical data to comply with the DOJ’s Consent Decree mandate. Eros concluded his tenure at Titan in 2015.

Eros Adragna is now Managing Director at Hyperion Development, a Construction Management Consultancy Company based in Texas. He has served as investor and developer on all company projects and now offers consultations on ADA retrofits and lobby remerchandising projects for the Hyatt Hotel in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. His ability to identify risks and inefficiencies, and then address them with a blend of technical knowledge and creative leadership, has made him an unparalleled leader in his field.

Outside of his career, Eros Adragna is a Board Member of Huntington Station Latin Quarter (HSLQ), a community organization serving the underprivileged and underrepresented population of Huntington Station.




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Spanning over 15 years in Development, Construction and Marketing

Over the course of my professional history, I have led and mentored teams of highly skilled project managers, steered marketing strategy, expanded business opportunities and drove corporate direction. I have been fortunate to having experienced challenging assignments, which not only taxed perseverance; it also requires one to execute a "flow of creativity" in pressure situations. I thrive on this! I work at optimum when faced with demanding environments. Simply stated, I love my craft.

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Hyperion Development
Managing Director
Hyperion Development – Houston, TX

Served as investor and developer on all projects. Slashed costs by project managing all phases of residential construction projects, blending technical expertise with leadership skills to achieve top quality results. Lead investor consultations, applying seasoned communication skills to identify requirements, deliver information on costs, materials and timelines and manage expectations. Apply financial and forecasting skills to estimate costs, develop budgets, allocate funds and calculate potential risks, ensuring contingency plans are in place. Create and execute all SOP, SOW, buyout schedules, contracts, POs, requisitions (G-702’s), accounting (AP/AR), and insurance requirements. Offer consultations on ADA retrofits and lobby remerchandising projects for the...

Titan Realty & Construction
Director Of Special Projects
Titan Realty & Construction – New York, NY

Eros ensured and directed the completion of large-scale projects by directing project managers, marketing and sales operations. Applied meticulous attention to detail, planning and coordination skills to deliver successful outcomes on time and on budget. Created conflict-free schedules, SOW and project buyouts for Avalon Bay ADA compliance programs. Led value engineering, material purchasing, risk analysis, health and safety planning for all projects. Manage all large-scale residential, commercial retrofit and adaptive reuse renovation projects from inception to completion. Liaised between clients, attorneys and architects to draft AG condo documents and streamline submission process. Designed, planned and implemented a range of successful marketing campaigns across various channels. Key Contributions: • Directed...

Delshah Capital
Founding Partner
Delshah Capital – New York, NY

Demonstrated exceptional aptitude for real estate product marketing and developing strong brand identities to meet the highest strategic, creative and effective sales and rental initiatives. Spearheaded all activities related to real estate development, conversion, and adaptive reuse projects in a portfolio exceeding $300 million. Created a positive, cohesive and collaborative environment, building effective relationships between creative and construction teams as well as investors and financial partners. Initiated residential brokerage division and developed infrastructure related to operating systems and marketing/sales functions for agents and brokers. Steered all activities in tenant buyouts, eviction warrants, and L&T matters. Key Contributions: Developed and managed annual...

Forkosh Construction
Director Of Marketing
Forkosh Construction – NY/FL

Directed and develop marketing strategies for new condo and rental development projects in New York and Miami, Florida. During my employment with Forkosh I developed and implemented marketing strategies for several successful new construction projects in New York and Miami. The average project was in excess of 80 million dollars. I developed creative branding for each development project and manage the sales strategies for multiple projects that were existing or in the pipeline. Directed the marketing initiatives for new development, conversion, and adaptive re-use projects. Developed market trend and unit mix analysis for new developments Created sales office for Spaiggia Ocean Residences...

Corcoran Group
Associate Broker / Marketing Consultant
Corcoran Group – New York, NY

This was a career change where I was selected to execute the sale and rental of multi-million dollar residences, along with marketing an extensive list of properties for landlords and developers. As a Marketing Consultant, I provide the Corcoran Group with concept design of marketing material, to promote multi-million dollar properties. Design and deployment of websites, and web casts for premiere downtown developments. Several awards for the Million-Dollar Club for sales and rentals in excess of $30 million dollars during my tenure. Assisted and developed the marketing campaigns for 3 new luxury downtown developments in excess of $300MM sell out. ...



Eros Adragna
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