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Houston’s Medical Construction Industry Is Booming

Recently, I had written a piece on the state of the Houston construction industry. And if you recall from that piece, aside from a few minor highlights, Houston is not doing too great. However, one of those aforementioned minor highlights was Houston’s healthy medical construction industry. Actually, it’s far better than healthy, it’s booming. And…
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The Importance of ADA Compliance

In 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law. With its five separate titles, each specifying different sectors of society, Title III has proven to be particularly troubling for real estate developers. According to, Title III “prohibits private places of public accommodation from discriminating against individuals with disabilities.” That can include anything from…
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The State of Houston Construction

The city of Houston, Texas is known for many things. It’s oil, aerospace and healthcare industries are some of its more popular claims to fame, with each comprising a large amount of the city’s economy. That and the fact that it recently hosted one of the most exhilarating Super Bowls of all time would make…
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Airbnb’s Unforeseen Consequences

Living in the 21st Century has brought about several new changes. Smartphones are now household items capable of tremendous processing power and instant communication with virtually anyone in the world, artificial intelligence is now capable of driving a car and the world is enamoured with applications. From social networking apps such as Facebook and Twitter,…
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